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Parking-Protector-fold-down-620MM__65903.1494815117.500.750Parking-Protector-620MM__97982.1494815111.500.750 (1)



  • Reserve your car spot!
  • Key Operated
  • Safety Yellow Colour
  • Easy to use
  • INSTALLATION $80.00 Each Bollard

Product Description

These fold down parking bollards are perfect for reserving car spaces.

The bollard ensures no one can park in the specific spot the bollard is installed as the bollard will be standing upright 620mm off the ground and powder coated in Safety Yellow! These are the perfect style of bollard to keep the unwanted cars out.

This bollard is a fold down system. Simply insert the key, twist and then fold down the bollard.

This bollards height when flat is no issue to cars as all cars will fit on top of the bollard without touching it! The height of the bollard when flat is only 100mm!

Height: 620MM when upright
Clearance Height: 100MM when folded down
Diameter: 63mm

This bollard comes with 2 keys. Extra keys available on request.


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